मोहम्मद अल सबा Architect/Adventurist. Instagram: Tannedafrican

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Anonymous asked:

Family, friendship, or romantic relationship, which is the most valuable in your life?

They’re all way too valuable to me. 

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Anonymous asked:

top or a bottom?


Anonymous asked:

Ah, yes sure.. Somethings are private, i totally understand, sorry

It’s cool, no biggie.

Anonymous asked:

Know any good cruising spots?

Architecture/fashion sections at Kinokuniya Dubai Mall

Anonymous asked:

it's ok you can talk about yourself here, i guess others are interested to know too..

I like to keep somethings private. You can enquire about anything else other than my love life.

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Anonymous asked:

Just wanna know more about you, hope i'm not getting too personal.. Honestly you don't have to answer any of the questions، i'm just curious

How about you text me on my phone and I’ll respond there?

Anonymous asked:

Tell us more!! can you describe him? what made you attracted to him the most? have you kissed already?..

Who are you?